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Rafael Painting has invested in a very powerfull  diamond surfacing tool used to resurface the concrete so professional coatings such as epoxy can be applied to achieve the best adheasion as possible.
Hundreds of different custom looks can be acheived

As a decorative touch vinyl chips are broadcast and embeded into the wet epoxy. Chips such as Illuminescent (glow in the dark), flourescent, glitter and any color you can define can be matched as well as solid colors. These selections can provide the element of safetey, by guiding you through a space with no lights. Safetey lines to define ereas with limited access or for hazzardous situations as seen in the commercial and industrial environments.

There are many different systems and many different broadcast medium including mica and quartz that produce both natural and exotic looking floors.

Stain and clear can be applied for an entirely different natural look.
There are hundreds of different products and one of them was developed with your project in mind.

Glow in the dark floor
seamless drain